Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 30

Halloween- Mr. B's Haunted House and Randall Street homes will be open for business on Monday evening...come on down!

School Photos are coming home on Monday via the Backpack Express.  Picture re-takes are Friday, November 4th.  If you want picture retakes, please return the package that is coming home on Monday by the end of the day on Thursday. 

Volunteers needed to help build lanterns with students for the River of Light Lantern Parade. Lantern Building will take place at CBMS with artists Gowri Savoor and Angelo Arnold the week of November 7th, as follows:
  • Monday/Wednesday, Nov 7th and 9th (9:00-11:00)- Dream 6th graders
  • Monday/Wednesday, Nov 7th and 9th (12:20-2:20)- Titan 7th graders 
  • Tuesday/Thursday, Nov 8th and 10th (9:00-11:00)- Wizards 6th graders 
  • Tuesday/Thursday, Nov 8th and 10th  (12:20-2:20)- Prodigy 7th graders
If you are able to help, please email MK Monley at by November 1st with the following information:  Your name, your child’s name, and which session(s) you can attend.  Thanks for your help- It should be a lot of fun!  For more information visit our blog which is linked to the CBMS home page.

November Menu- the new menu for the Cougar Cafe can be found on the Food Service Webpage. Thanks once again for keeping lunch balances above $0- balances can be checked on PowerSchool.

PTO Fundraiser- Thank you for your efforts on the Joe Corbi Pizza sales.  Some reminders:
• Pizza sale starts officially Oct. 21, 2011.
• Students have been asked to turn orders and money in every Friday.  This helps us mark a “thermometer” to record progress towards the school goal, and hopefully helps prevent misplaced orders and money that often happens during fundraisers. New envelopes and order forms will be given to the students at that time for future orders.

• Final Orders and money due Tuesday, Nov. 22 
• Pizza Delivery will be on Thursday, Dec. 8, 4-6 PM at CBMS.

CRISIS COUNSELING AVAILABLE- The Vermont Department of Mental Health is offering crisis counseling and emotional support to Vermonters affected by recent flooding, thanks to a grant from FEMA. Call toll-free 855-767-8800 to access ‘Starting Over Strong’ (SOS) services. SOS can help communities, families and individuals of any age recover from the emotional stress after the flood. SOS aims to help people cope with their current situation and experiences from the flood, review disaster recovery options, and find healthy ways to deal with loss and stress. The department hopes to run the program through July 2012.

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