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Nov 29

.net is the new .org- Staff e-mails at both CBMS and TBPS now end with .net - thanks for making note!

Friday deadline!  We still have spaces in the Cross-Country Ski Program at Trapps- Thursday afternoons beginning December 15th- see details by clicking here

Gymnastics practices begin this week and practice is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 2:40-4:10 at Central Vermont Gymnastics Academy (CVGA)  80 commercial Drive Moretown, VT.  There is a bus that goes from CBMS to CVGA.  Gymnastics is open for students in grades 6th-8th.  For more information, contact the coaches:  Anissa Touchette- e-mail:
Phone:  882-8324, Cell:  363-4513; Annette Litchfield- e-mail:, Phone:  244-8377, Cell:  522-3260, Maryah Magee, e-mail:, Cell:  735-6491

Parent Update: River of Light Lantern Parade 2011- We are all very excited about this year’s lantern parade. As this is a community event, here are some useful bits of information for the night:

Date and Time: The event is taking place on Saturday December 3rd 2011. The parade will leave from the VT State Complex on Main Street at 5pm and the event will end at approx. 6pm at Rusty Parker Park. The parade route will take us: Up Main Street, down Stowe Street and across Railroad Street, ending at Rusty Parker Park for the Waterbury Rotary’s annual Tree Lighting.  Please arrive at 4pm to collect your light and pole & take your place in the parade.

Parking: There is absolutely no parking in the church car park. Please use one of the car parks shown in the attached map or park elsewhere in Waterbury or on the street. The entrances to car parks C and D will be cordoned off at 4pm. There is also parking on the street.

What to Wear: It’s practically winter, dress up warmly! You will be outside for a while. Waterproof shoes, thermals, gloves etc. Gloves are especially useful for carrying the bamboo pole.

Bathrooms: The nearest bathrooms are in St. Leo’s Hall. There are no bathrooms on site.

Where to Go: If your child made a pyramid lantern at CBMS, they can collect it from St. Leo’s Church Hall at the back of St. Andrew’s Parish, next door to the horseshoe.  If your child is bringing a lantern with them, they can collect a light and pole from one of the four light stations
situated in the Horseshoe. (Indicated on the car parking map) When your child had a light and a pole, a steward will direct them to a place in the parade where they can wait until it is time to set off.

Supervision:  CBMS students can be dropped off at the parade site OR you can feel free to walk with them. BUT you must HAVE A PLAN OF WHERE TO MEET AT THE END of the parade. There will be hundreds of people in Rusty Parker Park. Please know where to meet up with your children. I would like to suggest that the train station porch might be a great spot to meet.

At The Park: After the Tree Lighting Ceremony, all bamboo poles will be collected for future use. Please hand yours to a steward volunteer. The lanterns and lights may be taken home.

Lantern Etiquette: To make this a safe and fun event for everyone in the parade, please go over the following lantern etiquette with your child before the parade:
- No running with lanterns
- No swinging the lantern about
- No overtaking the band or the front. The band will set the pace.

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