Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 7

This Friday is a normal school day!  In the original calendar, this day was supposed to be a non-student day for parent conferences.  Then came Irene.  Normal day for students on Friday, and parent conferences will be happening in the afternoons/evenings of November 21 and 22.  On-line sign-ups for Parent Conferences- wil be open from midnight on Fri, Nov 11th until midnight on Thursday, Nov 17th...details to follow later this week.

Cast list for Alice in Wonderland has been posted- click here to see it!

PTO Meeting this Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 6:30 pm in the office conference room.  

Ferry Beach info meeting, with staff members from the Ferry Beach Ecology School, on Tuesday, Nov 15th at 6PM in the CBMS Library.

School Board Meeting tomorrow night, starting at 6PM in the CBMS Library.  All are invited and welcome...agenda is as follows:

6:00            I.            CALL TO ORDER and CONFIRM AGENDA

6:05            II.            COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC (Note that additional comments from the public will be welcomed throughout the agenda.)

6:10            III.            DISCUSSION (90 minutes)
A. FEAT Presentations
B. Budget- initial discussions
C. Policy Packet #2- First Reading
. WWSU-level Tech Coordinator and Facilities Coordinator- discussion
E. Act 153- discussion

7:40            IV.            PRINCIPALS REPORT - Board Feedback (10 minutes)
A.   Written Report and Recommendations

7:50            V.            WWSU REPORTS            (20 minutes)           
B.    Superintendent’s report

8:10            VI.             OTHER BUSINESS (5 minutes)

8:15            VII.            ACTION ITEMS  (10 minutes)           
A.   Board Minutes (10/11/11)
B.    Board Orders
C.   Principal’s report action items
D.   Designate a rep and an alternate for new teacher negotiations
E.    Set additional board meeting dates in Dec, Jan

8:25            VIII.              CONFIRM TOPICS FOR NEXT MEETING AGENDA (Dec 13, 2011 @ CBMS)  Main Topics: Budget, Policy Packet #2

8:30            IX.             EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss personnel issue


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