Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 11

Checked your child's lunch bill lately?  Powerschool is the place, and thanks for keeping all lunch bills well into the positive range!

5th and 6th Grade Wrestling will be starting on February 14 at 6 PM in the Harwood Union gym.  Anyone with questions may contact Kevin Streeter at 802-496-5964

Custodial position opening- We currently are looking for a substitute custodian on the night shift- 2:30-11PM.  Pay is $10/hour, with no other benefits.  If you know someone who is responsible and interested, please have them contact Tom Drake- or 244-6100.

HUMS Exchange- a reminder to next year's 7th and 8th grade parents that the deadline for consideration for your child to attend Harwood Union Middle School is March 5th.  If you would like to make this request, contact Lisa Atwood, interim Harwood Principal, at or 244-5186.

Vermont's Poet Laureate Sydney Lea will be speaking at the CBMS Library on Thursday, Feb 16th at 7PM.  Sponsored by the Waterbury Public Library.


TUESDAY February 14, 2012- CBMS- 6PM


6:00            I.            CALL TO ORDER and CONFIRM AGENDA

6:05            II.            COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC (Note that additional comments from the public will be welcomed throughout the agenda.)

6:10            III.            DISCUSSION (90 minutes)
A. PTO Updates- TBPS- Patty Mckibben; CBMS- Stacy Gibson-Grandfield
B. FEAT- process, future steps for 11-12 FEAT initiatives, future FEAT groups
C.  Leave of Absence request guidelines

7:40            IV.            PRINCIPALS REPORT - Board Feedback (10 minutes)
A.   Written Report and Recommendations

7:50            V.            WWSU REPORTS            (20 minutes)           
B.    Superintendent’s report

8:10            VI.             OTHER BUSINESS (5 minutes)

8:15            VII.            ACTION ITEMS  (10 minutes)           
A.   Board Minutes (1/25/11)
B.    Board Orders
C.   Principal’s report action items

8:25            VIII.              CONFIRM TOPICS FOR NEXT MEETING AGENDA (March 13, 2012 @ TBPS)
Main Topics: Board reorganization, Issue staff contracts if April meeting is too late, Leave of Absence requests – review

8:30            IX.             EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss personnel issue


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