Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6

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HANGING BASKETS purchased from the PTO Plant Sale can be picked up at Evergreen Gardens this Wed. through Sat. All other plants ordered can be picked up the following weekend, May 18-20.  Hours:  8:30 - 6 PM Mon.-Sat.; 10 AM-5 PM on Sunday.  Any questions regarding your order, please contact Cathy Knight.

YEARBOOKS will be in soon and there are a limited number left.  Please order online today or send in a check for $30. made payable to CBMS with YEARBOOK and your child's name  in the memo section.  Order forms are also available in the office. 

AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES -Students cannot stay unattended at school.  If they are waiting for a sport to start, they should go home and return for a 4:30 practice.  Otherwise, they need to attend Club Cougar.  Students should be registered and the fee is $5. per session or $60. per month for sports activities only.  

Tweens Secret Lives On-line-  (Parents- this was sent by our Technology Coordinator Eric Hall to our staff, and it is very relevant to you on the home front as well) As you read this article, consider the importance of guiding our students to become responsible Digital Citizens. We can and do help them develop healthy habits and attitudes around technology by providing experiences in online collaboration (Google Docs) and communication (Blogs & wikis) with productive outcomes. Responsible Use and Digital Citizenship are not "one time" lessons, but need to be pervasive in student technology experiences.

REMINDER - CBMS is a Distraction Free Zone.  With the temperatures rising, we wanted to clarify the dress code.  Please review the attached dress code and discuss with your students.  Students will be warned the first time, and the 2nd time we will ask them to "cover up" with other clothing.  We will contact you if it continues. 
DRESS CODE- Fashion trends are acceptable as long as they do not obstruct the educational
process in the classroom or endanger the physical well being of students.  
Clothing should not distract from learning.  There should be no cleavage or
buttocks showing.  Clothing with sexual innuendoes, drug, alcohol, or tobacco
messages are not permitted.. The style for classroom wear, as opposed to
leisure wear, should reflect good health and safety habits, personality and a
sense of pride through appearance in self and in school.
• No abdomens (stomachs, tummies) should show
• No cleavage should show at any time
• Wear footwear at all times
• Take off hats when you are in the cafeteria
• Don’t wear clothing/signs which advertises tobacco/alcohol products
• Don’t wear clothing/signs which are sexually suggestive or highly inappropriate
• Wear appropriate-length shorts or skirts that do not expose anything other than legs
and feet.  

THINK: Does the clothing you’re wearing meet our dress code? We have created a respectful environment here at CBMS.  Please  remember no DISTRACTIONS!  Thank you for your support!

WATERBURY-DUXBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT- Board Meeting- Agenda- TUESDAY May 8, 2012- TBPS- 6:00 p.m.

6:00            I.            CALL TO ORDER and CONFIRM AGENDA

6:05            II.            COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC (Note that additional comments from the public will be welcomed throughout the agenda.)

6:10            IV.            DISCUSSION (60 minutes)
A. Stowe Ski Program
B.  Review financials for any adjustments prior to fiscal year closing
C. Maintenance spending update
D. Roles and Responsibilities update
E. First Reading of Finalized Policy Packet #2

7:10            IV.            PRINCIPALS REPORT - Board Feedback (10 minutes)
A.   Written Report and Recommendations

7:20            V.            WWSU REPORTS            (10 minutes)           
A.   Superintendent’s report

7:30            VI.             OTHER BUSINESS (5 minutes)

7:35            VII.            ACTION ITEMS  (10 minutes)           
A.   Board Minutes (4/10/12)
B.    Board Orders
C.   Principal’s report action items
D.   Decide on summer board meeting dates

7:45            VIII.              CONFIRM TOPICS FOR NEXT MEETING AGENDA (June 12, 2012 @ TBPS)  Main Topics: Tax Anticipation Note, Fuel bids, Authorize Payroll Board Orders for coming fiscal year

7:50            IX.             EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss personnel issue

8:00            X.             EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss negotiations

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