Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5

No School for Students on Monday, Oct 8th, in honor of Columbus Day.  

Joe Corbi sales- final weekend!  Thanks for your continued effort with this PTO fundraising sale for CBMS.  This is the FINAL weekend to get out there and SELL!  All forms & $$ are due on October 10th.
     1.  Money must be collected at the time of order.
     2.  Checks are made payable to CBMS.
     3.  Orders will be available for distribution around the end of October.

NECAP testing at CBMS is happening over the next two weeks [next week- Reading on Tuesday, Reading on Wednesday, Reading & Math on Thursday; the following week- Math on Tuesday, Math & Writing (gr 5, 8 only) on Wednesday, Writing (gr 5, 8 only) on Thursday].  Thanks in advance for doing everything you can to send your child to school well rested and well nourished!

WWSU Superintendent Brigid Scheffert has written a press release on the effects that the new federal nutrition guidelines have had on the food offerings in the WWSU schools.  We fully support Superintendent Scheffert's efforts in looking high and wide at the effect these guidelines are having on many schools in Vermont and in the United States.  From the WDSD perspective, Erika Dolan, WDSD Food Services Director, has had to make some adjustments based on these new regulations, but our experience this year in the Eagle Cafe and Cougar Cafe has continued to be very positive.  Our students are buying lunches in healthy numbers, and while the entrees might be marginally smaller due to caloric restrictions, the CBMS salad bar looks great and is an "all you can eat" affair.  Clearly these new federal guidelines have had a major impact on many schools, but through Erika Dolan's sensible and thoughtful leadership our students continue to enjoy wholesome, healthy, and filling meals in the WDSD.  Our hope is that Superintendent Scheffert's efforts in this arena will continue to allow us to keep the good eats coming in the WDSD for years to come!  To read the press release, click here.  

Change of date:  The HUMS 7th/8th Grade Dance originally scheduled for March 22nd dance has been moved to March 15th.

The October Cougar Cafe menu can be found online by clicking here.  

Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots for Beginners- Robots anyone? Have fun learning to build and program robots. You will work in pairs to design and build robots using LEGO Mindstorms NXT Education building kits. You will use many different Lego building elements together with motors, gears and sensors to design and create unique robots. You will write a program using a computer to teach your robot to move and react in order to solve many challenges. Drive your robot on a challenging race course that might have some obstacles to maneuver around. But first you will need to learn to drive and earn a license. What will you do when your robot does not do what you want it to do? In
addition to having fun, you will learn about robots, programming, problem solving
and teamwork.

This is a 5 session, one-day-per-week, hands-on class with many challenging activities to introduce building and programming robots using LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics Education kits. Students work in pairs learning how to solve problems while having fun learning about programming robots to perform tasks to meet a variety of challenges. There will be introduction instructions followed by hands on training activities leading to challenges to put what is learned into practice. Students will learn to build and program robots to drive straight, turn, backup, change speed, respond to connected sensors and solve problems when the robot does not act the way students want them to.

This class is for students with little to no prior experience with the Lego 
Mindstorms NXT Robot building kits. Students must be able to work in a team with other students and follow class rules.  Cost is $50/student.  This class is limited to 5th and 6th graders, and we hope to offer a 7th and 8th grade class later this year.  Class size is limited to 10 students, so sign up asap! To sign up, contact Cathy Knight (, 244-6100).  For questions, contact instructor Mike Maloney (vtwood@comcast.net244-7720).  

Last Week for After Irene Floodgates Art Project - October 5-7th are the last days for the After Irene Floodgates Art Project in the temporary gallery on Elm St. in downtown Waterbury. If you have not had a chance to view this exhibit, now is your chance. Hours for the remaining days are Friday, October 5th from 6-9PM, Saturday October 6th from 4-8PM, and Sunday October 7th with extended hours from 10AM to 5PM. Artists in the show range from ages 3 - 80 something. More than 250 school children, neighbors, flood-affected folks, volunteers, professional artists, etc. all contributed to this amazing project that tells individual stories of Irene and its aftermath. Thanks again to Jeffrey and Maryanne Larkin for donating this space to display this body of work. After Irene was organized by Revitalizing Waterbury with support from the Episcopal Church of Vermont. More information at

WDSD School Board Meeting- TUESDAY October 9, 2012CBMS Library 6:00 p.m.


6:05 II. COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC (Note that additional comments from the public will be welcomed throughout the agenda.)

6:10 IV. DISCUSSION (90 minutes)
A. Sports For Life Task Force update
B. Community Bike Path- discussion on easement on State Farm Land
C. Budget for 13-14- initial discussion
D. CBMS PTO- 501C(3) status
E. School to Home Communications Update- Ellen D.
F. Additional Solar at CBMS

7:40 IV. PRINCIPALS REPORT - Board Feedback (10 minutes)
  1. Written Report and Recommendations
7:50 V. WWSU REPORTS (10 minutes)
  1. Superintendent’s report
8:00 VI. OTHER BUSINESS (5 minutes)

8:05 VII. ACTION ITEMS (10 minutes)
  1. Board Minutes (9/11/12)
  2. Board Orders
  3. Principal’s report action items
Main Topics: Budget
8:20 IX. EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss personnel issue

9:00 XI. EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss negotiations


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