Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec 20

Upcoming Dates of Note   
  • Winter begins-  Dec 21 at 12:11PM
  • School Break- Dec 23rd - January 1 (school resumes on January 2nd)
  • Stowe Ski/Ride Program begins- Wednesday, January 8th

Solar Array Time lapse...pretty cool!  Click here to view.

7th Grade Parents- a friendly reminder that Lift-Up Letters are due to Ms. Hempey by January 27th!

CBMS Office open over break- With the exceptions of Dec 24, 25, and Jan 1, the CBMS office will be open over the coming break if you have any school business.  If you want to make sure that Ellen is there before coming in, call ahead at 244-6100.  

The Important Thing: Emergent Curriculum- from CBMS Art Teacher Nan Hathaway  

What's “The Important Thing” students need to know and be able to do – in ART?  The idea of looking at learning by examining “Important Thing” is one I borrowed from Margaret Wise Brown's (1949) The Important Book. Given all the possibilities for things to teach about, how does a teacher discern that which is most “important” for each grade level or each individual learner? Yes there are national, state and local standards to guide the work, but when you get right down to it, there is a whole world of art and only about 40 hours in which to teach it each year. 

By asking what is “important” about a topic, idea, technique, art style or vocabulary word, the art teacher can focus on those things which are most useful, informative or inspiring. This is the starting place for curriculum design: present to all students only that which is most important. Keep it short and to the point, then elaborate later, for those who want to go deeper. And the rest who are not delving deeper into the topic you raised? Watch them and listen. Look for ideas, themes and topics that emerge from student inquiry. Take that and develop it further, “framing it” for students. Developing themes derived from student's interests is called “emergent curriculum,” and is the heart and soul of the Choice-Based art curriculum at CBMS.

Monday, January 20th is MLK, Jr. Day, and we do not have school on this day.  It is also a day dedicated to service, and the 35 AmericaCorps volunteers in Vermont are focusing their efforts on the Waterbury/Duxbury area that day.  They are looking for ideas, for help, and for students looking to serve!  So far, the "idea list" (simply ideas right now) includes:
  • Working at the Waterbury Senior Center (Shelf Building, Leveling Basement ground/ covering basement ground, Packing Meals for Meals on Wheels, Clean Walk- Shovel sidewalks of the elderly)
  • Working with the Childrens Literacy Foundation (CliF) - Sorting and Packing books to ship to children in need
  • Creating snowshoe trails near the Ice Center
  • Painting an MLK Mural or Banner somewhere in the area  
More details can be found by clicking here.  

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