Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10

Staff Appreciation Week Thanks- Your children feed our minds and hearts each day, and this week staff bellies were kept full each day thanks to your generous efforts...we feel appreciated, and we thank you!

WDSD School Board meeting this coming Tuesday- 6PM in the TBPS Library.  For the agenda and supporting documents,  click here.

The CBMS PTO is searching for parent volunteers to step forward and lead us through the upcoming 2014-15 year.  It is time for Gayle, Jennifer, and me to move on and open the doors to new leaders and ideas.  We are searching for a President, Vice President and Secretary.  

This past year we achieved our 4 year dream of  501c3 status, allowing us to apply for grants and receive matching donations.  In order to maintain this active status we must have a minimum of 3 board members.  Without these members the CBMS PTO will cease to exist.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of children, enhance the educational process, build community, and support an open network of communication between the school and community.  The CBMS PTO has worked diligently at fulfilling this mission.  Educational opportunities for parents and students have been provided through internet safety, bullying and the Race to Nowhere.  Afterschool enrichment programs have been offered through lego robotics, Spanish, fly fishing, fencing or swimming.  We have brought our community together through Dinner is Served, the International Dinner, the 5th/6th grade basketball tournament and our most recent Court Jesters.  

I feel fortunate to have been a part of  the PTO for the past 2 years.  I have had the opportunity to work with some amazingly committed staff members and parents through fundraising and coordination of events.  With your help and fundraising we have supported 5th/6th grade fun nights, sleds for Quest, field trips and upcoming events for each of the teams in 5th through 8th grade.  It has been a fantastic journey.  Now it is your opportunity to direct the vision of the PTO to support the students and staff in 2014-15.

We invite you to join us at our next CBMS PTO board meeting, May 14th, when we will be electing new officers, or at our annual meeting on June 11, when the new officers will be transitioned in.  Any questions can be directed to me at or by phone 244-7262.

Thank you,

Carrie Dessureau
Outgoing PTO President

“The Internet is forever, and people don’t realize that,” said Nico Sell, a security expert and one of the founders of a rival mobile app called Wickr that also lets people send self-destructing messages. “You think you can delete a tweet or a Facebook post, but it doesn’t go away. Most people don’t know how hard it is to make a message disappear.”  Click here for the full story.  

Did you order a hanging basket from Evergreen Gardens through the PTO Plant Sale? They are available for pick up this weekend! The other items will be available next weekend.  Also look for information about Waterbury/Duxbury night at the Lake Monsters coming home in back packs. If anyone has any questions have them call Missy at 244-1918 or email

Our Odyssey of the Mind group are down to 26 or so bags of coffee left to sell to reach our fundraising goals. They are $10.00 a bag and the bags are whole bean Yummy Vermont Artisan Coffee.  If anyone would like a bag please contact either Erica Campbell or Leslie (  Help us reach our goal!  Thank you to all that have already helped us in our fundraising efforts!  We greatly appreciate it!

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • May 13th- WDSD School Board Meeting- TBPS Library- 6PM
  • May 14th- CBMS PTO Meeting- CBMS Library- 6:30PM
  • May 15th- Grades 5-8 Chorus Concert- 7PM
  • May 16th - Grades 7/8 Dance @ CBMS- 7-9PM
  • May 20th- Grades 5-8 Band Concert- 7:30PM
  • May 22nd- Prodigy Evening of Poetry and Music- CBMS Library- 5PM
  • May 26th- Memorial Day- No School today
  • June 4, 5- Honk on the CBMS Stage- 7PM
  • June 6th- Step Up Day
  • June 10th- WDSD School Board Meeting- TB Library- 6PM
  • June 11th- CBMS PTO Meeting- CBMS Library- 6:30PM
  • June 12th- Team Titan IDU Dinner- 5:00PM- Cougar Cafe
  • June 13th- Team Titan to Bread and Puppet Theatre- 8AM-2:30PM
  • June 13th- Team Prodigy End-Of-Year Dinner- 5:30PM- Cougar Cafe
  • June 17th- Team Prodigy to Whales Tale Water Park (8AM-4PM)
  • June 17th- Team Titan End-Of-Year Dinner- 5:00PM- Cougar Cafe
  • June 18th- 8th Grade Recognition Assembly- 9:30AM
  • June 18th - 8th Grade Graduation- 5:30PM
  • June 19th- Last Day of School for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders (Early Release Day- 11:50 dismissal)
  • June 19th- Great Escape Trip for Graduates- departure at 7AM
  • June 26th- Trimester 3 Report Cards mailed home

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