Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3

Grades 5/6 Fun Night here to access the e-permission slip.  7-9PM.  $5 at the door. 

Change the World Fundraisers currently underway:
  • Pet Food to benefit Central Vermont Humane Society. (box in CBMS lobby, and drive ends on Monday)
  • Flip Flops to benefit orphans in Haiti.  (box in CBMS lobby, and drive ends next Friday)
Improving Back to School Night?  As in everything we do, we should always evaluating and wondering if there is a "better way".  If you have thoughts in this regard for our Back to School Night format, please send them to Tom Drake at

CBMS Cross Country Ski Program - click here for information and registration

Lego Robotics After-School Club....2nd session opened - click here for details

Sign Language After-school ClubJennie Hempey and Mollie Burke-Bendzunas will lead an introduction to sign language.   Open to students in grades 5-8 at CBMS.  Meeting times will be 2:20-3 pm, Thursdays for 6 weeks, Oct 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20.  Cost is $25/session.  Sign up by clicking here.  

Irish Music Sessions at CBMS - Wednesdays 2:20-3 at CBMS beginning October 15th– December 10th.
Learn how to play jigs, reels, polkas, slides, airs and hornpipes. Irish music has travelled around the world and has many stories to tell, we will learn about Irish history as well. Guests will come play tunes with us and we’ll take a field trip to a local Irish session. This class is designed for violin and flute but is open to other instruments in particular piano, guitar, cello, and clarinet. Please have a music teacher and be at least in Suzuki book 2 or the equivalent. The tunes will be taught be ear, but recordings and sheet music will be provided for reference.  Taught by Annabel Moynihan, for more information please contact me at ; 244-5965.  Sponsored by the Vermont School of Irish Traditional Music.

October menu is on-line!

River of Light Parade- info on E-Community Bulletin Board

Toys 4 Tots....check the  E-Community Bulletin Board

Make sure your child's food service account is ranging in the positive!  You can check your child transactions at anytime on PowerSchool. (For information in how to login into your account please contact school secretary Dona Culver - or 244-6100).  If you have a negative balance please send payment promptly to school to avoid interruption in serviceYou can send payment with your child to school or mail it to:
     Attn: Erika Dolan / Food Service
     5672 VT Rte. 100
     Duxbury, VT 05676
Any questions regarding your child's balance please contact our Director of Food Services, Erika Dolan -

The Children's Room call out!  We have been entered in a contest to be won by your votes.....Up to 15,000 dollars will be given away. Please see below for details...but most importantly, go to this link vote now....and then like and share this post as often as you can.....The competition is steep as Waterbury has many wonderful organizations that will be trying to get votes. The Children's Room is a non-profit grass roots organization celebrating it's 30th year in Waterbury. For many we have been the gateway to becoming connected with our community for many families just starting out in the area. If you look around you, on any given day in town, you will see someone who has brought their children to the room or was brought by their parents or caregivers.....many of your neighbors and friends have served on the board over the years. Thank you in advance for your vote!

Few Vermonters will forget August 28, 2011, when Tropical Storm Irene swept up the East Coast, sending torrential rains and severe flooding across the Green Mountain State. The residents and businesses of Waterbury, just 25 miles southeast of PC Construction headquarters, were especially hard-hit. Three years later, the town is getting back to business. Last year, PC Construction began the deconstruction and rebuilding effort – to the 500-year-flood level – for the Waterbury State Office Complex, the largest construction project ever awarded by the State of Vermont.  We’ve been amazed at the strength and resilience of this community. We’ve been working in the town for nearly a year, and we’re humbled by the hospitality and gratitude we’ve received.
To show our appreciation and admiration for all that is great about Waterbury, we’ve selected the town as our next location for this year’s “Building Communities: PC Construction Gives Back,” donation contest. We need your votes to help us give away a total of $15,000 to three nonprofits in the area. Our employee-owners have picked 10 of their favorites, now it’s up to YOU to narrow the list down to three. The organizations with the most votes will take home $10,000, $3,000 and $2,000. It’s easy to get involved. Just visit and cast your vote before midnight on October 31, 2014

Advice for Parents on Homework“Homework has a branding problem,” says author Bruce Feiler in this New York Times article (“The Homework Squabbles” by Bruce Feiler in The New York Times, September 14, 2014,  “Or, to be a little less pointy-headed about it, everybody hates homework.” But this hasn’t always been so. “Parents have been having these battles since before electric lighting,” he says. In the 19th century, homework was popular because people viewed the brain as a muscle that needed to be strengthened by nightly exertion. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a backlash against repetitive drills, and by the 1940s, homework was out of favor. Then Sputnik got people panicked about the U.S. falling behind the Soviets and lots of homework was part of the solution. There was another dip in the 1960s, and then A Nation at Risk caused yet another surge in the 1980s. Today we’re hearing from both sides: Chinese kids are doing six hours of homework before breakfast! No, play is more important than make-work and Google wants employees who are creative. 

In Feiler’s own household, the homework wars come down to squabbles over several questions, and he went looking for answers from experts: 

• Do children need to work at their own desks or is the kitchen table okay? Eva Pomerantz, a specialist on parent involvement at the University of Illinois, likes the kitchen table because a parent is usually around, increasing the chance of connections, but is busy preparing meals, which makes it less likely they’ll do the homework themselves. But it depends on your house, she says: “If you have a crazy, noisy kitchen, that’s probably not the place for your kids to be doing homework unless they have amazing concentration.”
• Is it okay for children to do homework sprawled on their beds? “It’s not about the kid being on their bed while they do their homework,” says Erika Patall, a University of Texas expert on motivation and achievement. “It’s about the extent to which they’re really engaged and attentive to their work.” Young people vary in their preference for bright or dim lighting and sitting up or lying down. If the kid is falling asleep, looking out the window, or on the phone, then bed homework is a problem. 
• How about listening to music or doing FaceTime with friends? Patall says the research on multitasking is pretty clear: “People tend to be very bad multitaskers, even people  who say, ‘I’m a great multitasker.’” Doing other things extends the time homework takes and erodes the quality of work. 
• Should parents go over homework to check for errors? “If you’re concerned that imperfect homework makes you look bad, that’s problematic,” says Pomerantz. But regularly looking over homework may help students put in more effort and catch their own mistakes. 
• Should parents criticize sloppy homework or stick to encouragement? “You don’t always have to be upbeat,” says Patall. “You don’t want to deliver critical messages that imply things can’t be fixed. So you never want to say things like, ‘You’re stupid.’ But pointing out a situation where they should try harder would certainly be justified.” 
• What will make children more self-motivated? The key is to give them as much control over their homework as possible, says Pomerantz, who has to fight her own tendency to be controlling. She tells her children how hard she works and says she expects them to do the same. “If you give them space to be self-reliant,” she says, “they usually will take it.” 

Upcoming Dates of Note (full calendar can be found here)
  • Tonight!  October 3rd- Grades 5/6 Fun Night- 7-9PM
  • October 6th- WDSD School Board Meeting- 6PM in the CBMS Library.  Click here to view the agenda and all relevant documents.
  • October 8th- Walk & Bike to School Day! Meet at 7AM at Rusty Parker Park. 
  • October 13th and 14th- No School for Students
  • October 22nd- Teen Substance Abuse - Parent Education class, with Bert Klavens.  6:30-8PM, in the CBMS Library.
  • October 24- Grades 7/8 Dance @ CBMS- 7-9PM
  • October 29- Cabaret 

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