Friday, November 13, 2015

Nov 13

The CBMS voicemail system is back up and running!

Student-Led Conferences- the e-sign up system is now open, and will stay open through Thursday, Nov 19th. The link to the system is on the CBMS Homepage.

8th Grade Math meets 9th Grade Math- an FAQ for Parents and Students- click here

The Future of Learning- Dream or Dreading? Interesting 7-minute clip on this topic- click here.

Ponderable:  “When we think about learning, we typically focus on getting information into students’ heads. What if, instead, we focus on getting information out of students’ heads?”  from How to Use Retrieval Practice to Improve Learning” by Pooja Agarwal, Henry Roediger, Mark McDaniel, and Kathleen McDermott in an Institute of Education Sciences paper, 2013, e-link.

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • 2Day-November 13- Last Day of Trimester 1
  • 2Nite-November 13- Grades 7/8 Dance- HUMS
  • 2Nite-November 13- CVGA Gymnastics Show- 6PM in the CBMS gym
  • November 14- CVGA Gymnastics Show- 2PM & 6PM in the CBMS gym
  • November 19- CBMS Concert- 6-8 Band, Jazz Band, 5-8 Chorus- 7PM
  • November 23- Student-Led Conferences- 3-8PM
  • November 24- Trimester 1 Recognition Assembly- 1:45-2:30
  • November 24- Regular school day at TBPS and CBMS, but no school for students at HUHS.
  • November 25 - November 27- Thanksgiving Break- No School on these days

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