Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nov 6

The Fall round of Student-Led Conferences will be happening in the afternoon and evening on Monday, November 23rd.  At those conferences, you can sign up for individual conferences with core teachers on Tuesday, November 24th, as needed.  As your child will be leading the core conference, please make sure that he/she attends with you.  Instructions on how to use our online system to sign up will be e-mailed home on Wednesday, November 11th.  

Cougar Cafe Menu- click here

Join us for our Annual Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday, November 12th! Please call the CBMS Office at 244-6100 to make a reservation. 
Please choose between Turkey & Gravy or Stuffed Portobello Mushroom at the time of your reservation.  The cost of the meal is $4.50 for an adult and $3.25 for a child. We are looking forward to share this delicious meal with you.  Lunch times: 11:20-11:50 for 5th & 6th graders not involved in the music program, 12:00-12:30 for 5th-8th graders involved in the music program, and 12:40-1:10 for 7th & 8th graders not involved in the music program.  Thank you for your support!  Erika Dolan-

Turkey and Gravy OR Stuffed Portobello Mushroom
Mashed Potatoes
Vegetarian Stuffing
Mashed Squash w/ Maple Syrup
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Tossed Salad

Need an assist navigating the tricky waters of Teens and Tech?  Common Sense Media is a great resource...check out the "family guides" and "parent concerns" tabs- click here

Who are Generation Z? click here to access an interesting, 10-minute podcast produced by the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, and featuring a few CBMS students and staff members.  

Tony Wagner will make you think!  If you have 40 minutes and want to listen to a speech on teaching and learning that will get your synapses firing, click here. CBMS teachers listened to this earlier this week, and lots of dialogue was generated. (note- no need to sit and watch this, as it is simply the presenter talking...just turn your speakers up and have a listen)

Ponderable:   The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways.”  Todd Savage, from “President’s Message: Relationships Matter” in Communiqué, October 2015,

MONSTER THANKS for the Halloween Candy Donations! Randall and Elm Streets were blown away by the generous flow of candy that came in daily for two weeks! Over 200 lbs of candy from TBPS and CBMS were delivered to neighbors making for a very sweet night of Trick or Treating! It was wonderful to see all of your children on Halloween. Thank you for being such an amazing community and helping us make it a great Halloween. See you next year!

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • November 9- School Photo Re-Take Day- 8-11AM
  • November 10- WDSD School Board meeting- 6PM in the CBMS Library. All relevant documents can be accessed here.
  • November 13- Last Day of Trimester 1
  • November 13- Grades 7/8 Dance- HUMS
  • November 13- CVGA Gymnastics Show- 6PM in the CBMS gym
  • November 14- CVGA Gymnastics Show- 2PM & 6PM in the CBMS gym
  • November 19- CBMS Concert- 6-8 Band, Jazz Band, 5-8 Chorus- 7PM
  • November 23- Student-Led Conferences- 3-8PM
  • November 24- Trimester 1 Recognition Assembly- 1:45-2:30
  • November 24- Regular school day at TBPS and CBMS, but no school for students at HUHS.
  • November 25 - November 27- Thanksgiving Break- No School on these days

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