Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 27

CBMS Staffing changes for the 16/17 school year
  • Corky Burton, CBMS school nurse, is retiring, and our new nurse will be Kara Cooley.
  • Ellen Barillaro, Administrative Assistant, is retiring, and our new Admin Assistant will be Shannon Tremblay.
  • Carol Senning, Team Titan math teacher, is retiring, and Eric Eley, currently teaching math on Team Wizards, will move upstairs to fill this position on Team Titan.
  • Melinda Anderman, currently teaching math and paraeducating on Team Wizards, will move to the full-time math position on Team Wizards vacated by Eric Eley.  Stefanie Clymer has been hired to teach a math class and paraeducate on Team Wizards, in the position vacated by Melinda Anderman.
  • Susan Connelly, paraeducator on Team Dream, is leaving CBMS to pursue a teaching career.
  • Stephen LaRock, paraeducator on Team Prodigy, is leaving CBMS to pursue other career options.  Stephen will continue on next year in the role of Athletic Director at CBMS.
  • With the reduction of the Assistant Principal position at CBMS, Kathy Pogharian is moving on to be the Assistant Principal at the Richford Elementary School. Stephanie Hudak will split time between TBPS and CBMS next year, with a focus on Special Education, Discipline, and tiered supports for learning.
  • Dan Wiffin, current SS teacher on Team Titan, is moving to Western Massachusetts this summer.   We have interviewed and made a job offer to fill this position, and the hire should be confirmed next week.  
  • Eileen Baker, current teaching General Music and Chorus, is moving to the Northeast Kingdom and has taken a position at the Glover School.   We have interviewed and made a job offer to fill this position, and the hire should be confirmed next week.
Help Harwood Win a $100,000 Grant  One of the HUHS co-principals, Amy Rex, has been selected as Vermont’s representative for the Lawrence O’Toole Award through the Nellie Mae Education Foundation.  Vermont will compete with representatives from the other New England states for the grand prize of a $100,000 grant for the school.  Please see more info below, but PLEASE, pass this along to as many folks as possible.  Voting is open now and closes at noon on June 3rd, at

Changes in the CBMS After-School Program. Club Cougar is transitioning to The Y Pod in 16/17! The YMCA will be running our after-school program in the coming school year, and details can be found at this link. Register soon, as space is limited!

8th Grade French- Next week Madame Martell will be showing a PG-13 movie in her 8th grade French class. La Belle et La Bete, a film by Christophe Gans, starring Lea Seydoux.  This movie is a French version of Beauty and the Beast, and Madame Martell has previewed and thinks the movie is very appropriate and very powerful.  More info on this film can be found here.  If you do not want your 8th grader to view this film, please let Beth Martell know by e-mailing her at

Washington West Supervisory Union is the winner of the USDA Farm to School "One in a Melon" contest in VermontFor more info visit this link.

Ponderable: "But perhaps bans are not the answer", concludes Barnwell – and indeed, New York City’s public schools recently lifted a long-standing ban on cellphones. Pennsylvania educator Brianna Crowley has the final word: “If educators do not find ways to leverage mobile technology in all learning environments, for all students, then we are failing our kids by not adequately preparing them to make the connection between their world outside of school and their world inside school.” from “Do Smartphones Have a Place in the Classroom?” by Paul Barnwell in The Atlantic, April 27, 2016.  click here for the full story.

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • May 30th- Memorial Day- no school today
  • June 3rd- Step Up Day
  • June 3rd- Team Quest to Waterbury Reservoir
  • June 6th- Team Wizards to Waterbury Reservoir
  • June 6th- Team Titan to Burlington
  • June 6th- Team Prodigy team dinner
  • June 7- Team Dream to Northern Lights Rock & Ice
  • June 7- Team Prodigy to Jay Peak
  • June 7- Team Titan team dinner
  • June 8- CBMS Jazz Band plays at the Burlington Jazz Fest- 3PM
  • June 8- Last day for Club Cougar
  • June 9- 8th Grade Recognition Assembly- 9:30AM- CBMS gym
  • June 9- 8th Grade Graduation- 5PM- CBMS gym
  • June 10- Great Escape Trip for graduates
  • June 10- Last School Day for 5th, 6th, 7th graders- Field Day at the W'bury Pool- 12:20PM dismissal
  • June 12- River of Light Fun Run/Walk @ CBMS- 8AM

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