Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oct 20

Tonight - 5th & 6th Grade Fun Night!  7-9PM.  Sign your child up, and sign yourself up to volunteer, by visiting this link.

Student-Led Conferences will be held after school and evenings on the following dates.  Sign Up Today!
  • Team Dream- Oct 26, Nov 2 
  • Team Quest- Oct 25, Nov 2
  • Team Wizards- Oct 26, Nov 2
  • Team Titan- Nov 1, Nov 2
  • Team Prodigy- Nov 1, Nov 2
You will be signing up with a core-team, student-led conference by using an online sign-up system.  If you would like to conference with Applied Academic teachers (Art, Spanish, Tech Ed, Sustainability, Music, PE), please request a meeting time by e-mailing or phoning the specific teacher directly.  To sign up for a core conference, you will select the specific link for your child's core team from this link.  Sign-ups are now open!  Need help signing up?  Contact Dona Culver at or 244-6100.

A Friendly Reminder-
if your child has a supervised activity from 2:30-3:00, he/she is welcome to stay at CBMS.  However, if your child can ride the 2:30 bus home, and is not in a supervised activity after school, he/she should take the 2:30 bus home.

Stowe Ski-Ride Program update- ONLY 20 spots left for Ski & Ride!  All paperwork and donations due by Oct 27th.  Still seeking many volunteers!

Odyssey of the Mind 2017-18Several Odyssey of the Mind teams are returning to compete at the state tournament in March. Anyone interested in participating on a new team this year should contact Odyssey of the Mind coordinator, Lisa Scagliotti at Please put the word ‘Odyssey’ in the subject line and note your grade. Parent volunteer coaches are needed in order to form new teams. Please note if you are interested in coaching a team. Training will be provided.  OM - as it’s called for short - is a creative problem-solving extra-curricular activity where teams of up to 7 students solve a problem in the form of a skit that’s no more than 8 minutes long. OM encourages creative uses of everyday materials in problem solutions, and team members must work together without adult assistance in crafting their solutions.  Teams typically have two parent coaches and meet weekly through February – little extra as it gets closer to the state tournament. Teams present their solutions at the Vermont state OM tournament in March at Champlain Valley Union High School. This year it’s March 17. Students from grades K-8 may participate. For more information, contact Lisa. We hope to have teams formed by the end of October. 

***Newspaper Emergency in Art Studio: Help! Bring us your newspaper so we won’t have to close the studio down!***

PTO Winter Fundraiser Starts SOON!  The CBMS PTO is excited to open our ONLINE winter fundraiser next Friday, Oct 27th.  While we are still selling your favorite items, instead of collecting checks, cash and paper order forms (which seem to go missing in middle school lockers), we’ve opened our first-ever online store! Below are important details for you early-birds and next week’s Cougar Comments will feature a link directly to the store (the online store button will also be featured on Thanks in advance for your support of our mission to enrich education, engage community and enhance connections at CBMS. 

Important Details

For those of you who have participated in this fundraiser in year's past, there are critical changes to be aware of:
  • We will no longer accept any paper orders or payments in cash or check. All orders must be completed online and our online store accepts payment through PayPal using any major bank or credit card.
  • All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to the CBMS PTO and will be divided among all five CBMS teams using a per-student ratio. However, there will be a space in the online order form to note which team should get “credit”’ for the sale. 
There are two ways to participate in this first-ever online fundraiser:
  • Send family members and friends a link to the online store and ask that they make an order to support CBMS PTO and your child's team. Be sure to include the important details highlighted below and tell them that a bank or credit card will be required to pay using PayPal.
  • Collect order information and payment from family members and friends and place one large order online using your own personal bank or credit card to make payment via PayPal.
  • Should you or someone you know who wishes to place an order have limited access to technology, please contact Tamatha Thomas-Haase at 802.241.1415.

Evergreen Gardens Wreaths and Poinsettias

The online store will open on Friday, October 27th and close on Thursday, November 16th and will feature decorated pine wreaths and red and white poinsettias for purchase.
All purchases MUST BE PICKED UP at Evergreen Gardens, 15 Cabin Lane, Waterbury Center, VTORDERS WILL BE READY FOR PICK UP between Friday, December 1st and Sunday, December 3rd during store hours (Monday - Saturday from 8:30AM to 6PM and Sundays from 10AM - 5PM).

Laughing Moon Chocolates Fudge

The online store will open on Friday, October 27th and close on Thursday, November 16th and will feature chocolate, maple and peanut butter fudge (1/2 lb. each) for purchase.
All purchases MUST BE PICKED UP at Laughing Moon Chocolates, 78 S. Main Street, Stowe, VTORDERS WILL BE READY FOR PICK UP between Monday, November 20th and Friday, December 1st during store hours (9 AM - 6 PM every day; closed on Thanksgiving).

Cougar Kudos to the Reservoir Restaurant for donating the lunch today for our 24 7th and 8th grade A World of Difference Peer Leaders in training!

LYME DISEASE PRESENTATION & DISCUSSION - Did you know Vermont has the highest incidence of Lyme Disease per capita in the USA?   Living in Vermont means loving the outdoors. Whether it is gardening, hiking, golfing, playing in the backyard, or camping, these activities & more put everyone at risk of getting bit by an infected tick. Education, awareness, and prevention is important for all Vermonters!  The Northern Vermont Lyme Association will be hosting a presentation at CBMS to cover the basics of Lyme Disease, other tick-borne illnesses, and prevention education.  Please join us in the CBMS Library on Monday, October 23rd from 6:30 - 8:00pm.

Once again the residents of Randall, Elm and Park Row streets are gearing up for a great Halloween for your ghosts, goblins, zombies and princesses!  The neighborhood streets will be closed to traffic starting around 5:00 on 10/31.  Some houses in the neighborhood counted 800+ trick or treaters last year!!  There are Candy Donation Stations at both TBPS and CBMS offices thru Monday, 10/30. Thanks for helping!

Myths and Facts about Lice: Lice are social creatures….and have been around for 1,000’s of years.  Wherever there are sleepovers, besties sharing selfies, or head to head contact there will be a opportunity for lice to seek new stomping grounds.  Here are some facts and myths about these annoying critters:

                    MYTHS                                                      FACTS
It is EASY to get lice.
Lice are spread from head to head contact and are much harder to get than a cold, the flu, pink eye, or strep throat
Avoiding lice is important as they are dirty and spread disease.
Lice do not spread any known disease, nor are they impacted by dirty or clean .  They are just annoying.
You can get lice from sitting at a desk next to someone who has head lice.
Head lice are spread through direct head to head contact. Lice do not hop, jump or fly, so sitting next to someone with head lice does not increase the risk of getting  lice.
Lice are commonly spread throughout schools.
It is much more common to get lice from family members, overnight guests and playmates who spend a lot of time together than in schools.
Head lice are very sturdy creatures and can survive many days off people on furniture, linens and clothing.
Head lice need a blood meal every few hours and the warmth of the human scalp to survive.  When off the human body, they cannot survive more than 24-36 hours.
Schools and child-care facilities should screen all children for head lice, so everyone can be treated and the spread of head lice will be prevented.
Having regularly scheduled mass screenings does not reduce the incidence of head lice.
“No-nit” policies reduce the risk of head lice in schools and child care facilities.
Research shows “no-nit” policies do not decrease the number of cases of head lice.  They do increase the risk of incorrect diagnosis of head lice, the number of days children are out of school and the negative social stigma associated with head lice.

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • 2Nite- Oct 20- Fun Night for grades 5 and 6- 7-9pm
  • Oct 23- Lyme Disease presentation- CBMS Library- 6:30-8pm
  • Oct 23- 8th graders vs Staff soccer game- 1:30-2:30
  • Oct 25- Student-led Conferences- Team Quest
  • Oct 25- HUUSD School Board meeting- 6pm- HUHS Library
  • Oct 26- Student-led Conferences- Teams Dream & Wizards
  • Nov 1- Student-led Conferences- Teams Titan, & Prodigy
  • Nov 2- Student-led Conferences- Teams Dream, Quest, Wizards, Titan, & Prodigy
  • Nov 3- Grades 7/8 Dance/Fun Night @ HUMS- 7-9pm
  • Nov 8- CBMS PTO meeting- CBMS Library- 6:30pm
  • Nov 8- HUUSD School Board meeting- 6pm- HUHS Library
  • Nov 22-Nov 24- Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov 29- HUUSD School Board meeting- 6pm- HUHS Library

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