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Jan 12

Attention Parents of 7th Graders - Our yearly Lift-Up Letter Project is upon us! Please take a few moments to read this information to learn more about our letter writing project for this year's 7th-grade students. Letters are due in late April, but the details of the project need your attention now. Thanks for taking the time to participate, and for encouraging your family members and those close to your 7th-grader, to do so as well. Letter to Parents 2018 Jen Hempey, School Counselor

JumpRope calculation change - Effective this week, we are making a calculation change in JumpRope, our assessment reporting system.  The calculation used at the Performance Indicator level within a class will be changed to a calculation called "Decaying Average", which will replace the "Power Law" calculation used up to now in this school year. Last spring, a committee considered the pros and cons of several different calculation options, and decided to use Power Law, as it appeared to be the calculation method most likely to reflect our commitment to valuing student growth over time. Just as teachers adjust lessons year-to-year for continual improvement, we have gathered feedback and data, reflected on the implementation of this decision, and determined that a change to the calculation method was in order.  We sought out a calculation method which would provide a balance between valuing a student’s growth over time and encouraging a student’s best effort on work produced throughout the whole year. Using Decaying Average supports growth over time, in that the most recent work has more weight in the final outcome. Unlike Power Law, however, Decaying Average ensures that work produced at or revised to a proficient or advanced level early in the year will always have a positive effect on the final score.  This change is effective immediately, and retroactive to the beginning of the year.  More detailed information on Decaying Average can be found at this link.  Moving forward, as we continue to make the decisions and changes necessary in implementing Proficiency-Based Learning, we will continue to gather feedback and data, and will conduct a review at the end of the school year and make adjustments as needed in order to ensure that the transformative changes intended are truly being realized.

A presentation on the HUHS Proficiency Mastery Transcript & Graduation Verification- 6pm on Thursday, January 18th, in the HUHS Cafeteria.

Marijuana Talk Kit- A good guide to help you to talk to your teen about marijuana- click here

Got extra wire hangers hanging around? The CBMS art room can use them!

LL Bean Outdoor Discover School is coming to CBMS in late January.  Offered by the YMCA, and open to all CBMS students... click here for more info.

iDefineMe- A Workshop for Parents - Monday, January 29th, 2018 - 6:30 PM - HUHS

This workshop is for Adults Only – ALL Parents are Welcome!
(note- CBMS 7th and 8th graders will attend a presentation by this presenter in the morning of January 29th)

Today’s world impacts our children in ways unimaginable for previous generations.  Consequently, old methods of communicating with kids seem inadequate.  Trying to get through to our children can feel impossible.  Often, they are searching for the definition of who they are through negative outlets. This leaves parents confused, searching for answers, and striving to have profound influence over their children
This workshop is designed to give parents a better understanding of the issues facing our children: drug and alcohol usage, vaping, the impact of technology (digital distraction), bullying, risky behavior, exposure to adult material, distracted driving, and several others. Armed with the knowledge of what your children face today, this program will provide effective methods of communication through an in-depth understanding of how children receive information and what motivates them to want to apply it.
Our speaker will incorporate real-life stories and examples from both his extensive law enforcement career working with youth and technology crime, as well as his experience as a parent and step-parent having raised seven children.

About Our Speaker - Andrew W. Donofrio
Andrew’s first career was in law enforcement, where he led a large and productive Computer Crimes Unit for the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. After finishing that career, he started and continues to stay involved with a successful data assurance and IT security firm, Cyberology Consultants. After discovering how his passions for life long education, continual growth, and commitment to others can integrate beautifully into a new chapter in his life, Andrew decided to pursue his ultimate passions: speaking, strategic intervention, and coaching. Whether working with business owners, entrepreneurs, parents, college students or teens, Andrew leads people to discover their goals and construct plans for success. Combining his degree in psychology, years of experience in working with youth through law enforcement, Andrew has developed a unique approach to helping clients identify the obstacles and impediments that prevent them from succeeding. Most importantly, Andrew helps people recognize barriers that prevent them from being the best they can be and develop strategies to overcome such obstacles.  Ultimately, he strives to help people not just achieve a life of success, but a life of fulfillment.

Lynn Lyons Presenting at Fayston School - Feb 1, 2018, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM - Lynn Lyons is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist from Concord, New Hampshire who has been in private practice for 28 years specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders in adults and children. She will be presenting The Gift of Anxiety and Depression Prevention: Skills We Can (and Should!) Be Teaching Our Children at the Fayston Elementary School on Thursday Feb 11, 5:30-7:30. This free event is open to parents and educators in the community co-sponsored by the Fayston PTO and Early Ed Committee, Spring Hill School, Waitsfield Children’s Center and Hannah’s House. For more information contact The Fayston Elementary School @ 496-3636 or

Updated CBMS Spiritwear- click here to check it out and to place an order.

Image result for boxtops for educationBoxtops paid for the CBMS ice rink.  Thanks for clipping, saving, and sending them into the CBMS office!

Exchange students looking for host families for the remainder  of the school year - Have you ever thought about hosting an exchange student? The Rotary Exchange Program is looking for a few host families to host exchange students for the rest of the 2018 school year. These students are at Harwood High School and  are great kids . They need to be placed in a home within the Harwood school district.  This can be a rewarding experience for the host family and the student!  We are looking for new families for these students as soon as possible, although there is some flexibility. For more info or if you are just interested in getting more information for another time (the Rotary hosts students every year) please contact Ron Gulyas at

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • Jan 15- MLK, Jr Day- no school today for students
  • Jan 18- A presentation on the HUHS Proficiency Mastery Transcript & Graduation Verification- 6pm in the HUHS cafeteria
  • Jan 24- HUUSD board meeting- 6pm- HU Library
  • Jan 25- 5th/6th Grade Ecology Week Parent meeting- 6:30pm- Trish Feld Library
  • Jan 26- Grades 7/8 Fun Night @ HUMS- 7-9pm
  • Jan 29- iDefineMe Workshop for parents- HUHS- 6:30pm

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