Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 5

Correction to last week's Cougar Comments- the Fun Night on January 26th is for grades 7 & 8, and is hosted by HUMS.  The next CBMS Fun Night for 5th and 6th graders is Friday, March 9th. 

Outdoor recess and clothing:  At CBMS we are committed to getting our students outdoors on a daily basis, with extreme temperature days being exceptions. Thanks in advance for sending your child into school with a coat, a hat, gloves/mittens, and good footwear on a daily basis!
CBMS SKI & RIDE starts this coming Wednesday January 10th!   If your child is in Ski & Ride, you will be emailed information specifics or go to the ski & ride website for information.  Email for additional information-

CBMS PTO meeting this coming Tuesday, Jan 9th, beginning at 6:30pm in the CBMS Library.  All are welcome, and we would love to have some new attendees at our meetings!  More info on the PTO can be found at our website.

The Little Mermaid Jr is our school musical this year, and it will be on stage on May 11 and 12. Students in grades 5-8 are welcome to audition to be part of the cast, or contribute as stage crew. We will hold an information meeting for all interested cast and crew on January 8th from 2:30-3 in the music room. Audition sign ups will be available at and after this meeting. Auditions are 1/11, 1/16, 1/18, and 1/19 (as needed), all after school. For more information, visit the musical website, or email

Elementary Mathematics Program Changes 2018-19, from Sheila Soule, HUUSD Director of Curriculum
Over the past nine years, most schools in our District have been using a math program called Investigations Mathematics in grades K-5. When the Common Core standards were adopted by the Vermont State Board of Education in 2010 we updated our local curriculum and learned our Investigations program was not fully aligned with the new standards. The publisher provided some supplemental materials to help address the gaps, and then released a fully aligned new edition in 2016-17. Before simply purchasing this new edition of the program (at a significant expense), we decided to conduct a full review of other mathematics programs available to reach consensus on which program to move forward for adoption across the HUUSD beginning in school year 2018-19.

The programs selected for review were: 
  • Investigations Mathematics 
  • Bridges In Mathematics 
  • Eureka Math (a.k.a. Engage NY)
A committee was formed to evaluate these programs and pilot each for approximately one unit (one month). In addition to using the materials for instruction, the team conducted school visits to places where the programs are currently in use.  The committee worked incredibly hard to exercise due diligence in evaluating these programs and should be commended for taking on this additional task. The committee members were as follows:
  • Pam Menz: Grade 2, Thatcher Brook 
  • Anne Hutchinson: Grade 3, Thatcher Brook
  • Melinda Anderman: Grades 5/6, Crossett Brook
  • Brenda Hartshorn: Kindergarten, Moretown
  • Deb Fadden: Grade 4, Moretown
  • Ann Beattie, Kindergarten, Waitsfield
  • Ali Hale, Grade 4, Waitsfield
  • Jean Goldhammer, Grades 2, Fayston
  • Doug Bergstein, Grade 5/6, Fayston
  • Elizabeth Tarno, Grade 5/6, Warren
Following the implementation of all three programs the team came together to reach consensus on a final recommendation. The team reached consensus on moving forward with the Bridges In Mathematics program for implementation. Teachers in grades K-5 will begin training to use this program in June 2018, and will begin implementation in Fall of 2018. Bridges is a comprehensive math program that equips teachers to “fully implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in a manner that is rigorous, coherent, engaging, and accessible to all learners”. During the piloting process, teachers reported that their students were excited about solving mathematical problems and were seemingly understanding the mathematics at a deeper level. We look forward to working with these new program materials and to working collaboratively across all K-5 schools as we begin implementation.
Should you have any additional questions please contact Sheila Soule, Director of Curriculum, at 583-7947 or

Updated Fencing Instruction details can be found on the E-Community Bulletin Board.

EarthWalk 2018 Workshop Series for Teens - 2018 Winter/Spring Workshop Series for Teens!  These hands-on opportunities are for teens who want to create positive change, learn new skills, connect with peers, work with the land, and support their community. EarthWalk is offering seasonal workshops taught by community mentors who know their craft and want to share it with the next generation of community leaders. Learn more at The series kicks off with this Art, Voice, and Activism workshop:  Join with other teens for an exciting and empowering training on transforming the world with art, song, healing, and non-violent action. This stand alone workshop will also be the kick off for future events driven by teen interests. Training led by local educators, artists and activists Erik Gillard and Heidi Wilson. This workshop is for anyone itching to get creative, longing for connection and meaning, and/or wanting to make change in these wild (and not so wild) times. No experience necessary, curiosity is a plus! Spread the word!

Upcoming Dates of Note:
  • Jan 9- CBMS PTO meeting- 6:30-8- Trish Feld Library
  • Jan 10- Stowe Ski/Ride program begins- 12:30 dismissal
  • Jan 10- HUUSD board meeting- 6:00- HU Library
  • Jan 15- MLK, Jr Day- no school today for students
  • Jan 24- HUUSD board meeting- 6:00- HU Library
  • Jan 25- Ecology Week Parent meeting- 6:30pm- Trish Feld Library
  • Jan 26- Grades 7/8 Fun Night @ HUMS- 7-9pm

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